Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Dem wins nasty race for 42nd District's state Senate seat

Fontana won. But the ink the spilled on the performance from myself, the citizen candidate is false.
Dem wins nasty race for 42nd District's state Senate seat: "A third candidate in the Senate race, Libertarian Mark Rauterkus, finished far behind Fontana and Diven.

Folks, this is why Pittsburgh is going to go much deeper into its death spiral.

The fourth estate is ten times worse than a box of rocks.

The PG and Trib are ten times worse than the mudslinging that we saw from the nasty Fontana and Diven camp. All are not to be forgiven.

O'Connor's victory takes some wind out of the sails of change for the city. But the coverage from the PG and Trib snaps the mainstay. Right track -- ha. Some can't even report on the right ocean.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Rauterkus,

Congratulations on your showing at the polls yesterday. Even though you didn't win, 2500 votes is still a strong showing given the political landscape in our area.

Don't let the media's attitude get to you.


Honnistaibe said...

Here's hoping you enjoy your stay in China..Maybe you'll discover a future Yao Ming or Michael Gross of the swimming world while you're there. Don't stay too long. The Burgh needs people of your comittment and energy level to improve.

Ol' Froth said...

Hey nice job!! 7% is pretty damn good, considering the amount of money you spent. Enjoy your Sino-hiatus.

Anonymous said...

City Council awaits you Mark. Connect with people, make it your point to meet everyone in your district!

IF you do (and put the CD's away!) you should have a shot against any of the machine dems that decide to throw their hat in the ring.

Do it different Mark. Make your MARK...

Good BYE Gene R. Time for new guard and new leadership!